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☁️ 🌈 Pony heaven 🌈 ☁️

My name is Lux Waffle. I'm a furry, a brony, a non-binary, and a glorified waffle.

I have the AvPD. It makes my life shit scary. I'm not diagnosed with autism or Asperger syndrome.

I don't want you to contact me.

🎨 Web Demos 🎨

I make SVG, HTML, JS, and CSS experiments using pony porn images as a material. This helps me resist temptation of putting them on my résumé.

✨ Life advice from Lux ✨

q: Should I get a girlfriend?

a: I dunno, do what you want.

q: Is it okay to live with my mom, not have a job, and just stay inside all day playing video games in my late 20s?

a: People will tell you it's not ok, and, well, they say a lot of things all the time. Other people do exactly this thing and will tell you it's ok because that's what they do. In reality none of this matters because we all die in the end. Just do what you want.

q: Should I get married?

a: Get married if you want to. Don't get married if you don't.

q: But how do I know what I want?

a: Wanting can be difficult. A want is not just a checkbox you tick. Usually a want is a vague idea of what would be a nice thing for you to have or to experience.

The best thing you can do when determining what you actually want is listening to yourself. Other people may guess your desires, and, frankly, so do you, you're guessing most of the time, but your guesses are much more well-educated because you know yourself better than any other person in the world.

If your mom/dad/girlfriend/boyfriend/anyfriend tells you they know better what's good for yourself than you, they're manipulating you. They aren't even probably manipulating, it's a hard fact. No one would ever tell this unless they were manipulating you. Search online for some books on resisting manupulations, this will improve how you assess your wants tremendously. I'm not advicing anything in particular here because my literature taste is shit. Do yourself a favor and do your own research.

q: I know what I want but it's scary to change anything in my life.

a: It's okay to be afraid. Embrace your fear. Don't say "I can't do that because I'm afraid". Fear makes things harder but not impossible.

Unfortunately this means you will have to suffer from your fear. Unless you choose not to. You can always do that. It's not wrong as some people would say, it's a viable option. Let your want go, and tell yourself you're doing this because you don't want to suffer to achieve this particular want. From my experience it's a lot more calming than thinking "oh shit this is impossible im such a miserable (wo)man".